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No Win for Green Bay fans

Posted on: July 23, 2008 6:22 pm
Wisconsin fans are proud to be Packer fans just ask them better yet just look around license plates , yard flags, tattoos, company logos with team colors  and on and on it goes. No matter what happens between Breet Favre wanting to come back out of retirement and the Green Bay Packers not wanting to release him or trade him the metal scares for the pack nations will be wide.
For older fans Brett wwas the face that help turn the once proud team that had seen better days back into a team that was championship bound. Back was the spark when someone mentioned the Packers , back was the sense that they were going to win every game. For the younger fan Brett favre is the only qb they have known to lead the packers and what an example he did. Playing through injury, defeat, drug addiction and loss of a family member.
To the aveage Joe NFL fan Brett was exciting to watch love to hate him or love to watch him every one agreed he was hall of fame many of the same people wonder if he is tampa bay bound or carolina bound.
either way what ever happens green Bay will look like it turns its back on its leader and walked away and Brett will come off looking selfish and maybe tarnish a little bit of that glow he has around him
I am a Packer fan but I am no fan of this war between these two GREATS. All I can do I watch the trainwreck that is happening and grin and bare it.
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